What is the Social Hive Club, you ask?

Well, we decided that POLI should have utility from the moment that the platform is out and the coin is available to people.

One of the things we’ve noticed in the ecosystem as a whole is that there are tons of projects with coins who have absolutely no utility and…

How to pre-purchase P2E in-game assets

What are you buying on Polinate?

You are pre-buying the in-game assets before they are minted and accessible on a marketplace.

The last price the assets were BOUGHT/SOLD for during the pre-sale on the Polinate platform will be the initial listing price when the assets are available on a marketplace.

There’s a lot more techy stuff…

Super Staking Live on DAFI Protocol

Key features:

  • A 30 day lock-up period for staking $POLI on Polygon via Super Staking
  • $POLI rewards can self-multiply as the network demand and market value fluctuates, which is represented as “Potential” rewards
  • When a user exits the Super Staking pool, 10% of his/her rewards are distributed among those users…

Polinate is proud to partner with AllianceBlock to bring the PoliNation a liquidity mining program.

Polinate X Alliance Block

We’re excited to launch our first liquidity rewards program on Quickswap. This will be the first endeavour for AllianceBlock into Quickswap and Polinate is happy to lead the way for projects looking to expand their LP programs on to Quickswap.

Starting on September 29th, we will incentivize those users who…


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