Polinate Is Collaborating With Crypto League Gaming!

Polinate is gearing up for another collaboration, this time with our friends at Crypto League Gaming (CLG). The excellent people at CLG have teamed up with Polinate to help gamers earn incentives for their gaming abilities. Pollinate’s creators and members will have exclusive access to a CLG page. CLG is a blockchain-based eSports platform that allows individuals and teams to earn prizes for playing their favourite games.

On Polinate, CLG will have an exclusive platform: a patron page. This collaboration will help Polinate’s games and guilds to explore the unique benefits that the CLG platform offers. CLG, a blockchain-based eSports platform, allows individuals and teams to win CLG Treasure Chest prizes while competing in their favourite games. The portal includes a smart contract system for leagues, teams, and players. This ensures all participants and service providers get rewards for their achievements in a safe and simple manner. Polinate’s creatives, games and guilds will be able to explore even more opportunities and guidance as they navigate through our newest patron’s interface on polinate.

CLG will be exploring the potential of doing its Initial NFT Offering through Polinate in the coming months. This is an exclusive opportunity for the Polinate members to have early access to digital collectables. Moreover, CLG will also consider doing a Pre-Sale of their NFT assets on the Polinate platform.

To empower the creatives in the Polinate community, the CLG offers an eSports-NFT Marketplace, where creatives, games and guilds may sell NFTs to their fans directly. This alliance brings an opportunity to build communities and reach out to fellow guilds and gamers. CLG offers a social networking space for gamers that enhances fan interaction and experiences by incentivizing engagement. Unlike conventional betting portals, the incentives will be real-time reward payouts and redemptions. This is bound to give a boost to Polinate’s games and guilds projects with even more community interaction.

We at Polinate find a perfect alliance in CLG. Polinate Games & Guilds facilitates the play-to-earn gamers to maximise their participation in games by helping them raise for purchase assets or tokens. CLG’s vision is to promote competitive gaming across the world. Polinate games and guilds serve as a bridge between the play-to-earn gaming project and the cryptocurrency community. We are excited to see what the future holds for this partnership.

About Crypto League Gaming

CLG is a blockchain-backed eSports portal that will allow individual players and teams to earn rewards while playing their favourite games.

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About Polinate

Polinate is a next-generation crowdfunding platform designed to discover, launch and empower creatives globally in a permissionless way. We give creators their break to get funded by connecting creative projects, investors, fans and patrons.

We are building the backbone of a new global creator economy. It doesn’t matter where you are from, social status, banked or unbanked. If you add value, you benefit. Come and join our Hive!

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