Quick Steps to Super Stake $POLI

  • A 30 day lock-up period for staking $POLI on Polygon via Super Staking
  • $POLI rewards can self-multiply as the network demand and market value fluctuates, which is represented as “Potential” rewards
  • When a user exits the Super Staking pool, 10% of his/her rewards are distributed among those users who remain staking in it. $POLI hodlers are better incentivized for the time they stay committed to supporting Polinate.
  • Every 24 hours the $POLI Super Staking platform displays the top five users that have staked the biggest amount of $POLI
  • An all-in-one tab within the platform to check $POLI price, supply metrics, and social media updates will be live soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a withdrawal fee?

How is dPOLI related to Polinate?



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